On Wednesday 18th October 2017, some children from year 3, 5 and 6 went to a girls football competition at Stockland Green. It was part of KSSP (Kingsbury school sports partnership.) There were 8 teams altogether but one school didn’t turn up. In the first match, we scored 1 goal and the other team didn’t score. The next match, we went up against Timberly and it was a tie so it went through to penalties. Timberly scored 3 and we scored 2. Then we made it through to the semi-finals as the best runner up.

In the semi-finals we played Featherstone and we had to go to penalties again. Colebourne won 4 to 1 so we moved on to the finals. Unfortunately, we went against Timberly. We scored 1 goal each so we had to go to penalties again. This time, Timberly only scored 1 goal and we scored 4 goals. Then we found out the results and we came 1st place.

As a result of coming 1st place, we won gold medals and got front row tickets to see the Women’s FA cup final at Wembley. We all enjoyed it and we are delighted that we WON!

Girls’ Football Team – Winning Result!
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