Dear all,

I hope you are all well. 

You will have heard that we have had a positive Covid case in year 6, and all of year 6 are now self-isolating. This is particularly upsetting as the children were just getting ready for their final week at Colebourne.  

This afternoon we have started the planning for next week for some fun activities for them to do at home, including on Monday a live workshop with Warner Brother Harry Potter studios. 

Year 6 will also be welcomed back on Monday 19th July for a special party, activities, food and to showcase their final song from the show they had been planning (which unfortunately will now not go ahead).  Year 6 parents will get more information and details of how they can come and join in to be part of this celebration. 

Year 6 children – you deserve a great send off and we will make sure you get something to remember! 

After school tonight, we have also had a confirmed case in Reception so Reception will also now be self-isolating and can return on Monday 19th July. The Reception staff are meeting as I type this to discuss what activities they can arrange to give the Reception children a proper end of early years send off. They will be in touch. 

We continue to have multiple positive cases in our community so please continue to take precautions and I would urge anyone feeling unwell to get a PCR test. Anyone who is classed as a close contact can now book a PCR test if they would like one. 

We would also strongly encourage all adults to take regular lateral flow tests. 

Please download the full update below.

Parent Update from Mr. Guest (9th July 2021)