Dear all

Another busy week here at Colebourne and lots of planning in place for upcoming events.

Please have a good read in this week’s update as there are booking forms for Parents Evening and opportunities for families and children to get involved and book for activities.

Our assembly focus this week has been about showing our school values when children meet someone who is different from them. We have used the example of a new child starting school who is from a different country and speaks a different language. We have also introduced the concept of being anti-racist and what we can do to be kind to everyone.

We discussed doing the following in school:

Get to know others

Get to know people who are different to you – see beyond their colour, Religion, country of origin

Don’t ignore unkindness of any sort

“You shouldn’t do that – it is unkind’

Go out of your way to be kind yourself

“Hi, do you want to play”

“Have a nice weekend”

“Do you need some help?”

“How are you?”

Here is the full update:

Parent Update Letter – 15th October 2021

Parent Update from Mr. Guest (15th October 2021)