This page outlines what schools need to do in order to effectively support children with additional needs.

This is a complex area and we have produced information to help parents understand what we can provide for children with additional needs. There is a link at the bottom of this page which answers the following questions.

If you have any questions, please contact our Inclusion Leader, Mrs. Sue Smart on 0121 675 8500 option 2 or email

  • What staff are in the Inclusion Team?
  • Who does a parent speak to if they have a concern about their child?
  • How can I find information out about the school’s procedures?
  • How will I be kept informed of my child’s progress?
  • What happens if my child’s progress continues to be a cause for concern?
  • What agencies come into school to support children with additional needs?
  • How will the school ensure that the necessary people know about my child’s needs?
  • How will staff know about my child’s needs when they begin or leave school?
  • What happens if my child has complex needs?
  • How does Colebourne train staff to support the needs of your child?
  • How do we ensure good teaching for your child and how do we give extra support if your child needs it?
  • What type of interventions/support might my child receive
  • What resources are available to support my child?
  • What resources are available if my child has social, mental and emotional needs?
  • What support does the school offer if my child has significant behaviour difficulties?
  • How will school ensure that my child can take part fully in trips and events?
  • How will Colebourne work with parents to ensure the correct support is offered for you and your child?
  • What other professionals may be used to support my child and their family?
  • How will school involve me about decisions about my child?

Click on the link below to download full details of what we can offer.

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Click here to go to the Birmingham Local Authority Offer Page and get information about additional support available for your child
Many policies support our Special Needs provision. You can see these by visiting our policies section.

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