50 things LogoAt Colebourne we are committed to giving every child the best possible experiences. As part of our new curriculum, we have ’50 things children will experience while at Colebourne’.

The list of the ’50 things’ can be downloaded below:

[wpdm_file id=114]

Each year group have certain one they will do in the year, while others will be done at anytime and by any year. If you want to record each of the ’50 things’ you can download a record sheet below:

On the sheet you can add a photo or draw a picture of the activity and write a bit about it.

We would encourage families to get involved and keep track of which of the ’50 things’ have been completed by your child. If one of the ’50 things’ are completed outside of school please complete one of the record sheets and send into school where it can be shared with the class. You could also tweet us a picture.

Each term there will be events where parents will be invited to take part in achieving one or more of the activities off the list. Please take part if you can as your children really appreciate it and it is good fun!

Here are a few photos of the 50 Things that we have done in school.

Click here to view the 50 things Blogs.

Click here to find out how to make a grass trumpet – which is number 25 on the list.

There is also a display in the main hall corridor.

updated: March 2019

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