At Colebourne we assess the children using key objectives based on the National Curriculum, alongside some testing.

For ongoing teacher assessment we use our own developed system. Our assessment system does not cover all expectations that we teach from the National Curriculum but instead focusses on a number of fundamental skills needed by children in reading, writing and maths. This enable us to regularly and effectively look at the data and use it to inform teaching and where necessary, additional intervention work.

Teachers assess against the objectives using the following:
0 = assessed and unable to achieve;
1 = some evidence but not secure;
2 = can do consistently across a range of work;.

This data then gives each pupil a total score and an average each term. This enables progress to be shown throughout the year. At the end of the year, teachers will use their knowledge of the pupil and any test scores to decide whether the pupil is

  • Working below age related expectations
  • Working towards age related expectations
  • Working at age related expectations
  • Working at greater depth standard.

The objectives that we assess against are available to parents here: Core Assessment Objectives by Year Group

Alongside this children also have other assessments to monitor performance and progress; these are in the form of: times table test; spelling tests; end of unit maths tests; and termly reading assessments.

Our assessment leader is Mrs. Flint (Assistant Head Teacher) so please get in touch with her if you have any questions.

Statutory Testing/Checks

  • Children in Reception are assessed against the Early Learning Goals
  • From Sept 2020 Children in Reception are assessed against a baseline assessment when they start in Reception
  • Children in Year 1 are assessed with the Phonic Check
  • Children in Year 2 have teacher assessments for Reading, Writing and Maths (including testing to help form judgements)
  • Children in Year 4 are assessed with the Time Tables Check
  • Children in Year 6 as assessed with SATs in Reading, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Yes – this is a lot of statutory testing for young children so please feel free to contact your local MP if you would like to give your opinions.

Updated: January 2020