At Colebourne, we have a breakfast club that runs from 8am. This is run by Colebourne staff and provides a great start to the day for our children. Children can come via the pedestrian entrance and go into the main hall to enjoy a healthy breakfast and take part in activities. Children need to arrive before 8.35am to go into breakfast club.

There is no need to book – just turn up and pay £2.20

We also run a pre-book option (payable for the half term) with the following charges:

One day a week: £1.65 per week
Two days a week: £3.30 per week
Three days a week: £4.95per week
Four or Five days a week: £6.60 per week

The exact amounts vary each half term due to the different number of weeks in that half term. Information will be available through the school newsletter and texts each half term.

Any additional days used in a week above the pre-book number of days are charged at £2.20

Please contact the school office if you would like any further information about breakfast club.

Updated June 2019