Childhood trauma has a massive impact on the life chances of children. Trauma has an impact on the brain and how the child perccives and interacts with the world around them. It is vital that staff understand this in order to fully embrace the therapeutic approaches we aim to provide at Colebourne.

Most of these clips form part of ongoing training but there are additional resources here to enable staff to reflect on what they have learned and deepen their understanding.

Please remember that self care is important so please seek support from SLT if you need it.

Video: Adverse Childhood Experiences

  Video: Window of Tolerance

   The Repair of Early Trauma: A Bottom Up Approach
  Signs of developmental trauma at home & school (PDF)

Developmental Trauma Summary (PDF)



  Meeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children – A guide for school staff (PDF)

   PAC-UK website – Very useful – easy to access resources to support attachment – with a particular focus of children who are adopted.
 Beacon House – Website range of very useful resources, hand outs and video clips to help understand trauma and attachment.
Adoption UK and NAHT summary pages about understanding Attachment Difficulties