It is vital that you keep yourself safe while online.

Below are a few websites and resources that will help you learn how to keep safe.

Remember if you see something scary online follow these top tips from the BBC Own It website. Also, challenge or other videos that say you have to do things – you don’t – stay in control!

  1. Remember – you are in control
  2. Block and report it
  3. Don’t Pass it on
  4. Check your privacy setting on your device
  5. It’s not real!
  6. Tell an adult
  7. Get further help if needed.

You can also watch a video of these tips on the BBC Own it Website – What to do if you see something scary online page

Childnet e-safety

bbc stay-safe
BBC stay-safe online

Safe Surfing with Doug

Kid Smart Online Safety

Newsround Internet Safety quiz

Think You Know

If you are concerned about anything online you should do at least one of the following:

– tell a grown up you trust (this could be a family member or someone at school)
– use the VLE whistle

If you feel unsafe online you must tell someone and get some help. You can get help from a grown up you trust, a member or school staff, from the CEOP website or contact childline on 0800 1111