If you have any concerns about any aspect of school we want to hear about it. Often if we hear about things quickly we can resolve them sooner.

We are always willing to listen,  and aim to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children.

Wherever possible please raise concerns with your child’s teacher in the first instance. Otherwise with the phase leader.

You can arrange appointments via the school office or by emailing the member of staff direct.

Staff email addresses all follow the same format of initial.surname@colebourne.bham.sch.uk

So to email Mr. Guest you would use the email address of: s.guest@colebourne.bham.sch.uk

If you are unsure, use the main office email address of: enquiry@colebourne.bham.sch.uk and identify in the email who the email is intended for.

Full details can be found in our complaints policy   [wpdm_file id=6 title=”true” ]