Here you will find lots of information and advice about Covid-19.

Here is the most up to date school guidance – this guidance answers a range of questions such as:

  • If my child has symptoms, can they come to school?
  • If someone else in the household has symptoms can my child come to school?
  • If someone in the household tests positive, can my child come to school?
  • If my child is identified as a close contact from the community, can they come to school?
  • If someone in the class has symptoms what happens?
  • If someone in the class tests positive what happens?
  • Does my child need to take regular lateral flow tests?
  • What happens if lots of children at school tests positive?
  • What happens if the staff member tests positive?
  • If my child is self-isolating, will they get work?
  • Will children be in bubbles?
  • Will school let us know if there is a positive case?
  • If a parent has been a close contact and is not required to self-isolate (double vaccinated) can they still bring children to school?

DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE: Covid – Parent Information – September 2021

Please remember these key items:

  • If your child has Covid symptoms – start to self isolate – book a PCR- CONTACT SCHOOL
  • If in doubt, stay at home and -CONTACT SCHOOL


Home learning plan for those having to be at home

Some children will need to stay at home for various reasons, including general illness and those having to to self-isolate.

We have in place arrangements to support those children at home with learning. Please visit our Home Learning Page for details

Mr. Guest’s Friday Updates

Please see the Friday Updates for up to date information about the current situation